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By: Norberto Narciso


We all like to score good when we play Golf. We all do. But the thing is, it takes time and a lot of hard work to reach a level where you can say that you are a good golfer. So we look everywhere for some Golf Swing Tips, hoping to find something that will work in our favor. Some are lucky enough to find what they are looking for. But for most, becoming a good golfer is much of a challenge and in most cases, a work in progress.

But what is the definition of a good golfer anyway? Different person will give you a different answer when you ask them. That is because there is no measurable criteria attach to the question, thus, leaving the meaning of a good golfer open for own interpretation.

There are levels of skill to which a Golfer can attain over the years of practicing and playing. I would like to categorize these levels into a beginner, an amateur and a professional golfer. Just what it takes to be a good golfer on every level? The simplest answer is to have a very repeatable Golf Swing with a good ball contact that you can count on, day in and day out when you play Golf! Obviously, this is easier said than done. And the Golf Swing is just one part of the other elements of the game.    
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There are numerous factors to consider on how to be a good golfer. We are not talking about all those factors in this article. However, we will be talking about some Golf Swing Tips and pretend that you are in the range from a Beginner to an Amateur golfer in terms of skills.

Here are some of them which might be useful to your next Golf game;

1. Relax
    Do not be tight. Getting tight will make your body stiff and your swing mechanics will nowhere near normal. Relax and
    pretend that you are the only one hitting at the first Tee or in a range. 

2. Focus
    Don’t get distracted. Block out any distraction. Though this can be a challenge, but it is possible to do it through intense
    focus. You just have to put focus on the job at hand.

3. Take a proper stance
beginners on the other hand, can often find themselves missing the ball entirely when the set-up is not correct and
  they take a whack at the ball. There are three things to you need to take note and must be done properly: ody
  Alignment, foot Distance and body Posture.

4. Hold the club naturally
    You do not need to hold the club like you is having a “tug-of-war” game. Hold the Golf Club lightly and naturally by using
    any of the three types of holding the club. They are Vardon grip, Interlocking grip and the Ten finger (a.k.a. Baseball)
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5. Take a practice swing
    You need to swing your club using the proper stance without hitting the ball yet. This is to accustom your whole body
for the rotational process when doing the full swing. This part will also create your muscle memory on how to swing the
club. In short, build your swing rhythm.

6. Target is important
    Take an aim when you hit the ball. Having a target spot in mind will help you in directing your shot. Nothing fancy here,
just pick a spot where you want your ball to land.

7. Swing freely
    Do not hold back on your swing. Once you are set to swing the Golf club from the Tee, do it freely with a full swing
motion and do not worry what will happen next.

8. Repeat the process
    That’s all there is and you just have to repeat the process. Try not to make the swing mechanics complicated at this

The above Golf swing tips should be easy for you to execute, as nothing complicated on them.

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Good Luck!



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